At AlphaSkills, we have one primary goal: to provide for you the needed training and materials to help your students become knowledgeable, enthusiastic, and proficient readers. Whether you are an educator looking for a school curriculum or a parent seeking homeschooling materials, we strive to provide you with the right materials for the right reading levels.

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Week 20- First Grade

Week 20 First Grade Definitely, Positively, Absolutely NO! (Non-fiction, Level I, Stage 2) by Joy Cowley Place Value (No...

Week 20- Fourth Grade

Week 20 Fourth Grade Taken by the Wind (Fiction, Level 13, Stage 3) by Joe Wahman This week’s book Taken by the Wi...

Week 19- Fourth Grade

Week 19 Fourth Grade Scared of the Dark (Fiction, Level 13, Stage 3) by Marie Gibson Chocolate (Non-fiction, Level 13, S...
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Our materials are based on research, developed by a distinguished reading specialist, and most importantly tried and true!

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