August 16, 2018

Abigail is a great little “Read with Sarah” student. Her mom, Amanda Carden, is a wonderful Carrollton City Schools administrator. Dr. Sarah loves both of them and just had to share their precious story about Mr. Charles!

“My goodness, I write this post with tears in my eyes.
Earlier this evening the nice man in this picture, Mr. Charles, came down our road delivering a pizza. He stopped at our house for directions. Our little road is a bit tricky and GPS isn’t correct.
While Mr. Charles was in our driveway, Abigail saw the pizzas in his car and got all excited. She even asked if one of the pizzas was for her. After talking for a minute, we told Mr. Charles goodbye and went about our evening.
We thought nothing else of the pizza… until 8:15 when we had a visitor. You see Mr. Charles drove all the way back to our house to bring Abs her very own pizza. Of course we were speechless. Mr. Charles told us it was paid for. He explained that he was a daddy and a granddaddy and he just wanted to make our little girl smile.

Mr. Charles you most definitely did❤️

Please share this post… my goodness there is such kindness in this world.”