December 2, 2018

At AlphaSkills, Inc., we join the country in mourning the loss of President Bush and sending our sympathy to his family. Dr. Sarah loved this personal story from Chattooga County…where she has worked with all schools for many years.

It was during Bush’s time as Vice President when now Chattooga County Schools Superintendent Jim Lenderman was the the pilot for Marine One and Marine Two, the Presidential helicopters. Lenderman recalls, “Bush was Vice President for President Reagan and I flew both of them, but I flew Bush more than Reagan.”

“I never saw someone work so hard and put in so many hours,” Lenderman said of the elder Bush. He recalled one more distinct characteristic about Bush, “when Presidents fly everything is done for them, when Vice President Bush got on board the helicopter, he always carried his own luggage.”

“He was one of the finest men I have ever known, a great Patriot,” Lenderman said.