Week 7- Prekindergarten

PreK Week 7

Dinosaur Roar

What is it that makes all little boys love dinosaurs? I have no idea, but this book sure made my little boy happy this week. There was all kinds of dinosaur fun for reading, language arts, science, art, math, music, and writing, along with the golden award too!

The activity I want to highlight this week is the language arts activity for day two. During this activity we talked about what the word opposite means, and I was able to show Malachi that the book contains lots of opposites both in the words and in the illustrations as well. Then as we read and reread the book several times, I asked Malachi to join in on his favorite parts, and he absolutely loved it when I made a video of him “reading” the book all by himself (with a little help from me once in a while) for him to watch. He also really enjoyed demonstrating the opposites by running fast and slow, singing soft and loud, and jumping high and low, among other things. What a fun way to learn about opposites! I’m sure he’ll remember this lesson for quite a while, and so will his Mama.

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