Week 15- First Grade

“Markets, Moving, Senses, and More” Week 15 First Grade

To Market, To Market: Rhymes to Read (Fiction, Levels A-J)

Why People Move (Non-fiction, Level G) by Brenda Parkes

Fifty States, One Country (Non-fiction, Level G) by Marilyn J. Salomon

See, Hear, Touch, Taste, Smell (Non-Fiction, Level G) by Melvin Berger

The Cooking Pot (Fiction, Level G) by Joy Cowley

The Terrible Tiger (Fiction, Level G) by Joy Cowley

To Market, To Market: Rhymes to Read is a wonderful book of traditional rhymes with fresh, new illustrations. It’s important for first graders to learn traditional rhymes, as most people realize, but I believe it’s also important to make that learning as fun and as fresh as possible. This resource does that. Why People Move and Fifty States, One Country are two books that teach first graders why some families move from time to time and also how different some parts of the country are from others. See, Hear, Touch, Taste, Smell is an outstanding book that allows students to explore their senses and the reasons for them. The Cooking Pot won the funny award this week. In it, there is a group of kids who repeat a funny phrase asking Mrs. Spot what she’s cooking in her pot over and over again, and each time she gives them a different yummy treat. The Terrible Tiger is also a book that will bring out the fun, laughs, and smiles. It describes two kids on their journey to find an imaginary tiger and all of the other “animals” they encounter on the way, repeating over and over, “We’re not scared of anything!”

The activity I want to highlight this week is the comprehension step for Why People Move and Fifty States, One Country. Through the content of these books and the discussion prompted by the Read with Sarah guided lesson, Malachi and I were able to talk about the different regions of our great country and what we might experience when we are able to visit or live there one day. We were also able to talk about how some families move a lot, some move only a few times in their life, and others live in the same town all of their life, and how different families need different things. Great resources for a family like us who moves every few months!

We love the variety and quality of books used by AlphaSkills! This week it was so fun to see him thinking hard about what he was reading and what the information really meant in his life. I could almost hear his little brain shouting, “I’ve never thought about that before!” For more information about the AlphaSkills Read with Sarah curriculum and our family, see the AlphaSkills Blog Introduction.