Week 2- Second Grade

Week 2 Second Grade

Shingo’s Grandfather (Fiction, Level 6, Stage 2) by Judy Ling

Communities (Non-fiction, Level 6, Stage 2) by Judy Nayer

Georgia (Non-fiction, Level 6, Stage 2) by the Capstone Press Geography Department

What is a Cycle? (Non-fiction, Level 6, Stage 2) by Lisa Trumbauer

The second week of second grade was such a good one! We learned about rural, suburban and urban communities, what makes Georgia so amazing, how to respect our elders, and about all sorts of natural cycles. What a week it was!

The activity I want to highlight this week is the Connecting Reading with Writing activity (Step 7). In this activity, after the student reads the book silently, answers several comprehension questions and then reads the book aloud, he/she is asked to write 2 sentences about cycles that happen each 24 hours. Students should not copy any words, but instead apply growing knowledge of sight words and sound/symbol relationships. We actually loved this book and particularly this writing step so much that we used it several days this week. One day Malachi wrote about how a pumpkin goes from seed to seedling to plant to pumpkin, and another day just after we had woken up super early to observe a rare meteor shower with the new moon, he wrote about how the moon goes from full to half to crescent to new. He even drew a picture to illustrate the pumpkin cycle, which let me know that this lesson really made sense for him.

I just love it when my little guy falls in love with a school book, and that is exactly what happened this week with What is a Cycle! For more information about the AlphaSkills Read with Sarah curriculum and our family, see the AlphaSkills Blog Introduction.