Week 30- First Grade

“Germs, Shopping, & Money” Week 30 First Grade

Germs (Non-fiction, Level 3) by Marcie Bovetz

At the Market (Non-fiction, Level 3) by Nadine Golden

I Have Fifty Cents (Non-fiction, Level 3) by Jamie A. Schroeder

“Mama, why do you make us wash our hands so much? Why can’t we run our hands over the railing at the library? Why can’t I touch stuff in the bathroom at the grocery store?” All of these questions and more were completely covered this week in the book called Germs, and we even got to see real-life photos of a virus and bacteria too! Also, we explored all sorts of different markets with At the Market, and how to get fifty cents all sorts of ways with I Have Fifty Cents. Lots of great learning, as usual!

The activity I want to highlight this week is the Science Activity for Germs. Through this activity we were able to discuss a few things before reading the book, such as the different parts of a cell, how our bodies make millions of cells, the white blood cells that kill germs, and the importance of being clean; and then we were able to create a chart afterwards to explore the following areas: How do germs spread?, How do germs make you feel?, How do you fight germs?, and How do you stay healthy? Through these science discussions we were able to learn all about germs and why Mama is so strict about hygiene, but we also had heaps of fun with the funny meaning words for this book as well: sneeze, germs, tiny, microscope, poisoning, bacteria, influenza, virus, armor, hairs, saliva, stomach, medicine, attacks, towel, toothbrush, ah-choo, and more. I don’t think my first grader will ever forget this one!

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