Week 6- Fifth Grade

Week 6 Fifth Grade


Lured In (Non-fiction, Level 15, Stage 3) by Errol Broome

Earlier this year we ventured into an oddities shop in downtown Bar Harbor, Maine, where we spent the summer, and the kids were amazed to see tiny Venus’s flytraps, pitcher plants, bladderworts and butterworts growing in small planters to purchase. (And I was amazed at the prices they were charging.) So imagine our surprise when we opened our AlphaSkills kit for this week and discovered the book Lured In, a non-fiction book all about finding and growing these carnivorous plants!

The activity I want to highlight this week is the writing activity for Lured In. I am always looking for ways to improve Elijah’s writing skills, so I am always thankful for great writing prompts, and this week certainly didn’t disappoint. The following writing assignments were provided for completion over 5 days of study: Think about and write how you felt when you agreed or disagreed with your teacher about information on the Compare/Contrast Chart; Think about and write a list of items needed for growing a carnivorous plant; Think about and write five steps for making a terrarium; Alphabetize the following words: dividing, dormant, dead, die, do, during, day, different, divide, dear; Think about and write one way that Lured In and Five Strange Packages (last week’s book) are alike and one way that they are different. Not only did this book interest my fifth grader (and my second grader too), but thanks to the guided activities, we learned a lot in many different subject areas. That’s why I love AlphaSkills!

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