Read with Sarah®: Stage Three

Read with Sarah® is an effective guided reading model based on the most current research findings to accelerate learners toward becoming literate in reading, writing, listening, and speaking.

Read with Sarah ®

95% score
Eastern Regional Reading First Technical Assistance Center, Florida State University
based on
Consumer's Guide for Evaluating Supplemental and Intervention Programs: Grades K-3: A Critical Analysis

The materials, including lesson plans, may be purchased for use by schools along with initial training. All packages can be custom designed for individual schools at their request. Contact an AlphaSkills consultant for more information.

More than a reading program… a true reading model, as designated by evaluators for School Improvement Grant.

RWS Stage Three is designed for teachers to use with students who have instructional reading levels of fourth grade through ninth grade regardless of assigned grade placement.

Stage Three 2

Stage Three1

Stage Three, Volume Three

  • Guided Reading Texts (sets of 12 for Levels 12-17; sets of 10 for Levels 18-20) – 800 books
  • Lesson Plans Notebook correlated to Lexile© Levels and Common Core State Standards in English Language Arts
  • Graphic Organizers with each lesson plan
  • Guided Reading Texts are matched in fiction and non-fiction pairs, and cover many genres of literature

Support Materials for Classroom Instruction

  • Guided Reading Rubric Poster (one per teacher)
  • Dry Erase Boards, Markers and Erasers (ten sets)
  • Training manual for teachers and administrator (one per professional trained)
  • Green and Yellow Letter Cards for Systematic Phonics Instruction (one per teacher)
  • Word Analysis and Phonics Support Cards (one set)

$250 per teacher

Professional Learning

  • Support for Teachers, Administrators and Paraprofessionals

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Stage Three, Volume Four

This package, focused on Upper Elementary, Middle, and High schoolers includes additional materials for students in grades 4-9 regardless of grade placement.

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Science and Social Studies Add-on

Fourth and Fifth Grade Instructional Reading Levels

  • 24 titles for Levels 12-17 in sets of 6 or 12 (144 or 288 books)
  • Sets of books with RWS guided reading lesson plans matched to Lexile© Levels and Common Core State Standards in English Language Arts
  • Each set contains one science text and one social studies text matched to fourth and fifth grade Georgia Performance Standards

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  • Includes 17 strategies for teachers at all grade levels to model with their students
  • Includes information on how and when to use these strategies during daily reading instruction.
  • Group training available, please contact us for more information.


Includes shipping and handling and travel expenses within 200 miles from our base (if applicable).

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